Euthanasia story from Salt Lake City

We are staying in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and happened across this sad story this week. This describes how a professor who specialised in medical ethics and euthanasia suddenly had to face these issues when her husband was injured in a cycling accident  and how this influenced her thinking about the issue:

New York Times – A life-or-death situation

If you are interested in this story the couple kept a blog about their experiences of the four years following the accident and and how he sought to overcome his disabilities and continued to find value in his life.

“The real challenge for me has been in trying to expand my mind enough to comprehend my own catastrophe without letting it become that way… …I’ve tried to just let it be part of me, part of who I am becoming, and to always keep in mind how extraordinarily much I’ve gained, not just what I’ve lost.” Brooke Hopkins

Unfortunately Brooke Hopkins passed away July 2013. The Salt Lake Tribune documents the final chapter in the story…

“autonomy is way more complex than you ever could have imagined — and this is true not just for Brooke but for every person who faces the end…. You can’t assume that “all choices are alike, so you have to be alert to what someone deeply wants.” Margaret Battin


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