About me!

portraitHi everybody!  This is my blog which I will keep while I support and take part in the Professional Ethics course being run by Michael Rowe from the University of Western Cape and Physiopedia.  Details of this course are available on the related Physiopedia page.

Firstly you should all know I am not a physiotherapist or a physical therapist. I am in fact a mechanical engineer by training. However I guess I am quite closely involved in the world of physio through my wife Rachael Lowe and our establishing and running of Physiopedia.  I am the geeky part of the team who deals with most of the technical stuff involved in running the site.

I also run an e-learning company called Webducate and have been involved in e-learning particularly in higher education since 1999.

So I have an interest in the course for several reasons.  Its exciting for Physiopedia to be involved in promoting and running the course, and also from an e-learning perspective this course is adopting quite a novel approach to teaching and learning which will be fascinating to be a part of.

So bear with me while I grapple with the ethical issues raised in the course and hopefully I can help support some of the course attendees as they too consider the issues presented.